Intersperse (verb)

This is a special word that hits me in special way. Not in the groin, not in the heart, not in the kidneys. You’ll never know. But it will guarantee to change your life somewhere in the gull bladder as “I Want to Know What Love Is” by Foreigner plays in the background – making you almost want to start performing over-exaggerated interpretive dancing in front of strangers; until they start creeping out and douse themselves with lamp oil before lighting themselves on fire… jumping out the window onto jagged rocks 200 feet below where the ocean meets the cliffs… but I digress.

Here is today’s word as defined by Merriam-Webster:


1: to place something at intervals in or among <intersperse a book with pictures>

2: to insert at intervals among other things <interspersing drawings throughout the text>

Use in a Sentence:

Timothy was interspersing a plethora of dildos across the floor of his living room floor when his Dad walked in with some of his congregation. His Dad, the town pastor, screamed, his eyes widening in panic, “Timmy! What on God’s Green Earth do you think you’re doing?”

His guests gasped in horror as they stared at the vast variety sizes and shapes of dildos that were interspersed across the floor.

Non-plussed, Timothy replied, “What, Daddy? They came from your bedroom closet.”




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